Marché | Board Game Café
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What's on Offer


Our array of delicious food and sharing combos are perfect for what's needed to keep you going through your boardgame or karaoke activities.


Thirsty? We have a huge selections of warm and cold drinks to suit your mood.


Endless supplies of boardgames line our walls. Head on down with a group of friends and have a great time with an old favourite or learn a new game from our collection.


Would you like to belt out a tune? Our multiple karaoke rooms are filled with songs for you to sing your heart out! Give it a go!


About Us

Marche Board Game Café is located on a quiet street on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD, just a block away from Melbourne Central. It’s a gorgeous haven for those looking to while away hours playing boardgames, either with friends or as a quiet couple. The list of games is endless, and if you don’t find what you want then let us know and we will get it in stock for your next visit!

If boardgames aren’t quite your thing, or if you’ve just tired yourself out then no stress! Head on over to one of our karaoke rooms and sing to your hearts content! Our extensive list of songs on our Kbox system will have you belting out tunes before you know it.